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Microbubble Therapy

Dunk'N Dogs has the Thales Microbubble system onsite

Dogs allergies affect over 40% of the canine population. The Dunk'N Dogs Microbubble therapy system is an effective treatment for dogs with skin conditions, sensitive skin, and flea allergies.  Microbubble Therapy does not need added products and can deep clean pores without irritating dogs skin. Our Microbubble Therapy is great for replenishing the moisture in your pets skin and will take out all of the extra dust, dirt, and dander that has built up in your dogs coat and deep in the pores.

At Dunk'N Dogs our Microbubble Dog Therapy is also great for dogs that are recovering from injuries. The bath is nice and gentle and your dog will get extra special attention. It is a soothing reward after a trip to the vet. 

What are Microbubbles?

Microbubbles are just very small bubbles, much smaller than Jacuzzi bubbles. To qualify as โ€œmicroโ€, a bubble must be less than a 1000 micrometers in size. This allows them to penetrate hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through epidermis. Microbubbles carry a negative charge which attracts positively charged molecules of dander, dust, dirt, and other organic matter. The bubbles oscillate from water pressure which aids in dislodging organic waste.

No shampoo or abrasive scrubbing is needed. If desired, a natural plant based enzyme powder can be added to soften and dislodge debris allowing the microbubbles to adhere to and remove waste and get even deeper into the pores.

The Thales Microbubble system has been used extensively in Japan and is now available in the US for therapeutic treatment for dogs.

For Our Self Wash Customers - Nagayu CO2 treatments

Whereas our Microbubble system is most effective because of the use of the microscopic sized bubbles, try a Nagayu CO2 add on to your next self-wash. This economical deep cleanse uses a tablet and a special CO2 shower head. Nagayu is still a great fill-in treatment to our regular Microbubble users or if a less powerful bubble treatment is needed. It can be added on to any self-wash, full service wash or grooming treatment.

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