Cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean and neat. But there are many times where help is needed to keep your kitty tidy and clean. While grooming cats is not as common as grooming dogs, there are several good reasons to have a professional groom your cat.

Nail clipping - 

Cats are all about keeping their own claws sharp but if not provided with appropriate claw sharpening tools vs using your sofa, you may need to have a pro help clip kitty’s nails. 

Baths and haircuts -

As cats age, they become less fastidious in keeping themselves clean. Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, lack of flexibility or simply too much hair can prompt a need for occasional kitty cat baths and sanitary trims to keep long haired cats neat and clean. Very long haired cats enjoy an occasional haircut to help reduce odor and to make self grooming easier. 

Deshed or DeMatting -

Very thick or long haired cats like Main Coons or Persians can need help in keeping their luxurious coats tangle free or to help reduce shedding and the inevitable hairballs. A good cat groomer can use Furminator products and their expertise to reduce excess hair and matted tangles.

Skin conditions - 

Like dogs, cats can develop various skin conditions that make them, or you uncomfortable. Flea dermatitis, food allergies and many others. Flea bathes or a soothing or anti-seborrheic shampoo can help the healing process.

Cats who may not be comfortable having their owner bathe them, may cooperate with a professional. Remember to plan a time when kitty is healthy and comfortable or consult with a mobile groomer who may be able to reduce any stress by coming to your home.