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Dunk'N Dogs Packages

We offer several great service packages to help our regular clients save money! Whether you choose to pre-pay for a package of services or add spa packages to your scheduled grooming visits, there are lots of ways to bundle services to maximize your savings at Dunk'N Dogwash!


Although not a "Package" refer a new client for a credit of $5 towards a Grooming or Self Wash on your next visit. 

Rules to qualify (no exceptions, please!): 

  • The new client must give us your name at the time of their first visit
  • You must already have a client record setup in our system
  • Credit for new clients IS NOT retroactive.
  • We will record the referral in your record and credit will remain until you use it.

Each referral: $5.00

Service Bundles

Pre-paid Self Wash Package
Our great basic self-wash service including the free Blueberry facial. Pre-pay for a bundle of 10 self-washes. Save $$
10 for $150

Pre-paid Nail Clipping Package
Many of our clients prefer frequent nail clipping without a bath. Keeping nails short is important for your pet's health. Pre-pay for a bundle of 5 nail clip visits. This is clipping only, not nail grinding.
5 for $40

Pre-paid Tooth Brushing Package
Your dog has just had his teeth professionally cleaned and you want to keep them clean. Pre-pay for a bundle of 6 toothbrushing visits.
6 for $25

Grooming Spa Packages

Add these to a grooming visit & save $ on those little extras that pamper your pet.

Moisturizing Spa Package
AminoFlex Shampoo, Condition Conditioner, choice of cologne, toothbrushing, paw butter application, bandana & a treat bag.
add 13.00

Medicated Spa Package
MicroTek Medicated Shampoo, Soothe Medicated Conditioner, Vetericyn or MicroTek Medicated Spray, toothbrushing, paw butter application, bandana & a treat bag.
add 16.00

Flea Spa Package
TropiClean Neem Shampoo, Nourish Conditioner, Buzz Spray and a lot of extra combing, toothbrushing, bandana & a treat bag. **Extra charge for Flea meds
add 16.00

Skin Treatment Spa Package
Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo, Soothe Medicated Conditioner, MicroTek Medicated Spray, toothbrushing, paw butter application, bandana & a treat bag.
add 16.00

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